This article is about the second episode of the 2015 series. For the 2006 episode of the same name, see The New Threat (2006 Series).
The New Threat
Released: TBD
Episode No. 2
Preceded By: Fierce Battle Between Fierce Rivals
Succeeded By: TBD
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The New Threat is the second episode in the reboot of Super Mario Bros. Z, and the second of the Metallix Saga. Currently under development, it is expected to follow the plot of the 2006 series' third episode of the same name, involving a battle sequence between newcomer Yoshi and Metallix. The episode plans were unveiled on February 11, 2016, and (at the time) scheduled to release on April 22, 2016 as the 10th anniversary of the first episode in 2006. Despite complications citing Mark's health, the first episode of the reboot becoming a private video, and subsequent disappearance from social media, Mark returned and confirmed seeking to renew development of the series. [1] On February 2, 2020, Mark uploaded the first scene from the episode. [2] After reaching 9,000 followers on Twitter, Mark uploaded a snippet from the second scene. [3] A third preview was uploaded on February 13, 2020. [4] With an additional preview from the same scene uploaded on February 18, albeit with a gag regarding the character Humpty Dumpty from the movie Puss in Boots. [5]


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The episode begins with Metallix standing atop a hill, looking over the horizon. He observes his Chaos Emerald, before declaring that he must find the rest. He then flies off into the distance.


Yoshi vs. Metallix Edit

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Yoshi vs. Metallix
Fighters Yoshi, Metallix
Location TBA
Forms TBA
Winner Metallix

Major EventsEdit

  • Yoshi joins the heroes.
  • Yoshi and Metallix fight.
  • Metallix acquires the red Chaos Emerald, bringing his collection to two.


Differences from the original Edit


  • This episode is the second in the series, as opposed to the original's counterpart being the third.

Episode 2Edit

  • There will be new scenes surrounding the Koopa Bros., Luigi and Wario and Waluigi. [6]
  • Metallix no longer curls up into a ball, instead leaping up from the hill and then blasting off into the distance in a stream of light.


  • The first scene of the original series' seventh episode is remade in this episode. It is unknown if Kamek or Kammy will appear, as with the original. [7]
    • Doctor Eggman's identity is revealed in this episode, as opposed to being kept secret.


  • This is the first episode to have text scrolling in the text boxes.
  • Coincidentally, Metallix was the featured character for the previews of both this episode and the previous.
  • The use of the Super Mario All-Stars tile-set in the design of Bowser's Castle is a homage to the late Randy Solem's Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom; a series that made heavy use of the sprites from the game.[8]
  • Prior to his reveal, as a joke, Mark Haynes posted a preview of the episode featuring Doctor Eggman, but instead replaced his silhouette to instead reveal Humpty Dumpty from the movie Puss in Boots instead. This is a joke as to how Eggman spent the entirety of his screen-time as a silhouette in the original series, and the fact that both he and Humpty were egg-themed antagonists.


Animated by: Mark Haynes

Written By: Mark Haynes

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