This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.


Super Mario Bros. Z (initialized SMBZ) was a crossover web series created by Mark Haynes between 2006 and 2012. It was officially cancelled with the release of the incomplete ninth episode but was rebooted starting 2015 with the first episode releasing nearly ten years after the original debuted. Alvin-Earthworm discussed a few edits he wanted to make when he submitted an animation test to DeviantArt in 2013. Two years after, he registered on Patreon to help fund the production of the reboot, albeit with some minor trouble. The production has not been endorsed or licensed by Nintendo nor Sega for its span and is non-canon. Despite Alvin's intolerance for spinoffs, some fan works have been made.

Super Mario Bros. Z combines characters from Mario and Sonic franchises while having the events laid out in the style of Dragon Ball Z. The story is centered in the Mushroom Kingdom where Sonic and Shadow were survivors of mass genocide in Mobius, their home land, by a humanoid robot called Mecha Sonic. By escaping their universe they met up with Mario and Luigi, later encountering Yoshi in a quest to stop this major threat and its perpetrator.

During its run, nine episodes were released, with an interval of 2-16 months for each episode. Super Mario Bros. Z was highly influential, garnering universal acclaim from viewers for its visual style and giving new light to sprite animation on the web. Being very memorable, it was even praised by Tom Fulp of series host Newgrounds, who raised the file limit just to allow Alvin to upload the eighth episode. The reboot has not gained the same amount of attention as of February 2016, although it may improve with newer episodes.


# Name Episode Picture Description Main Character Debuts
0 Intro Intro The introduction and opening theme song to the series. Wart, The Ninjis, Kammy, The Koopalings.

(NOTE: The characters do not actually debut in the series, since the intro does not cover the events of the plot; however, it is unknown if they will make an appearance in the reboot.)
1 Bowser's Return 1 Mario and Luigi race Wario and Waluigi in a Mario Kart race, but Bowser and Kamek interfere. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Kamek, Mecha Sonic, Wario, Waluigi, Princess Peach.
2 Warriors From Another Dimension 2 Mario wins a long fight with Bowser, thanks to a timely appearance by Sonic and Shadow. Sonic, Shadow.
3 The New Threat 3 The Gang goes on the hunt for the Chaos Emeralds. Yoshi finds one and is nearly killed by Mecha Sonic. Yoshi, Toadsworth.
4 Here Come the Koopa Bros. 4 As Yoshi heals at Mario's House, the Gang continues the hunt, but are interrupted by the Koopa Bros. The Koopa Bros., Professor E. Gadd.
5 Troubles On Yoshi's Island 5 The Gang travels to Yoshi's Island for the stolen Emerald and another unexpected one, but both the Koopa Bros. and the Axem Rangers X interfere. The Axem Rangers X, Yoshi Chief, Thunderfoot.
6 Brawl on a Vanishing Island 6 The Mario Team, Koopa Bros. and Axem Rangers X fight each other in a three-way battle. But Mecha Sonic arrives, kills off two of the villain teams, and the heores escape with their lives and the four Chaos Emeralds. None
7 Secret of the Pipe Maze 7 The Gang searches for the fifth Emerald, and acquires one in the Minus World. Stuffwell joins the group to help them. With Mecha Sonic down there as well, the stakes couldn't be higher. Dr. Eggman, Mecha Mario, Stuffwell, Goombella, Kolorado, Professor Frankly.


The Great Doomship Offensive 8 Bowser attacks Peach, and Toadsworth informs Mario. The heroes formulate a rescue plan to save her, but Shadow is fed up by Sonic's perceived lack of focus on the Emerald hunt and leaves the team to collect them on his own. Basilisx


The Two Shell Treaty
Mario's down, poisoned, and defeated by Basilisx, and the other three are solid petrified, then Luigi used the power of his Tanooki Suit while he was turned into stone then hit Basilisx by his hammer and gave Mario a 1-Up Mushroom and unpoisoned him. The Mario Bros. will have another fight with Basilisx. The three heroes then have a battle with Bowser's talented Children, the Koopalings. With Shadow finding the 6th Chaos Emerald in the middle of nowhere, Mecha Sonic ambushes him and asks him where the other Chaos Emeralds are before they settle the battle. None


Main CharactersEdit


SMBZ Mario

Original Game: Donkey Kong

Voice Clips by: Charles Martinet

Mario is the resident hero of the Mushroom World, along with his brother Luigi , and his best friend, Yoshi . As in the Mario series of video games, he never says more than a series of noises and occasional Italian phrases like "Mamma mia!". He is a strong man, if not a little short and chubby. In Super Mario Bros. Z, in Season 1, he, along with Luigi, Yoshi, Sonic, and Shadow must collect the Chaos Emeralds and stop Mecha Sonic from destroying the Mushroom World as he did in Mobius. Mario has appeared in every episode so far.

Mario's sprites are from Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.

When fighting, Mario likes to use items and combos, using his strength and critical hits to defeat opponents. He is also shown that he knows the Shinryuken (Divine Dragon Fist), performed in his Raccoon Form in Episode 8 . Mario's most common Power-Ups are Fire Mario and Cape Mario. So far he has also transformed into Invincible Mario, Raccoon Mario, and turns into his Super Form, Super Star Mario later on.


SMBZ Luigi

Original Game: Mario Bros.

Voice Clips by: Charles Martinet

Luigi is the younger twin brother of Mario, and is also a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom . He is generally very frightened (mostly with ghost), but in the heat of battle, he really shows his strong side. Many times, a threatening enemy will cause him to run away or hide. Shadow's rash actions often startle him greatly, but he is still a loyal brother and notable member of the group. Luigi has appeared in every episode so far.

His sprites are from MLSS like Mario.

He likes to team up with other characters (Sonic being the most notable one) because of his lack of courage. However in Episode 7 he did show his ture side, and tried to rescue Mario. Luigi has so far transformed into Cape Luigi, Blue Shell Luigi, and Tanooki Luigi. He also transforms in Super Star Luigi, his super form.

It was confirmed by Alvin Earthworm that Luigi would go by his villainous alter-ego, Mr. L from Super Paper Mario, some time during SMBZ's original run in which he would have played a role similar to the Great Saiyanman from Dragon Ball Z.


SMBZ Yoshi

Original Game: Super Mario World

Voice Clips by: Kazumi Totaka

A Yoshi that seems to be the most known as Mario's longtime best friend (the Green Yoshi from the game Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World ). He is also the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and has saved Princess Peach from the evil Bowser countless times, along with Mario, Luigi or by himself. In Super Mario Bros. Z, he was introduced in Episode 3 , used to help find an Emerald because of his powerful nose. He managed to find the Red Emerald, but was confronted and knocked out by Mecha Sonic, who escaped with it. He spent Episode 4 being cared to by Mario and Princess Peach, but came back into action in Episode 5 when he learned that the Heroes were going to Yoshi's Island . He saved Mario from being killed by Thunderfoot , a Yoshi Tribe warrior, and joined them in the fight against the Axem Rangers X and the Koopa Bros and continues traveling with Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Shadow to find the rest of the Chaos Emeralds and to stop Mecha Sonic.

Alvin-Earthworm has changed his sprite from the SNES Yoshi's Island sprite, (Episodes 3-5) to the DS Yoshi's Island sprite, (Episodes 6-onward), claiming that it was much more flexible.

He is known also as a speed-type warrior, but is also a strong Yoshi. Yoshi has lots of special abilities different from the other Heroes. He can use his sticky tongue to swallow stuff into eggs and uses them as projectile weapons. Yoshi kicks, stomp enemies, powerfully charges at enemies, lots of times, and can make ground pounds. He is the master of the flutter jump; when flutter jumping, he hits enemies with his feet multiple times.

He has appeared in every episode starting in Episode 3 so far.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

SMBZ Sonic

Original Cameo Game: Rad Mobile (As an air freshener.)

Original Official Game: Sonic the Hedgehog

Voice Clips by: Ryan Drummond, Jason Griffith (Episode 8) and Sean Schemmel

Sonic is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog from Mobius who, along with Shadow , has traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Mecha Sonic from collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds and destroying the world. The fastest thing alive, he finds Mario and Luigi to be cool and is often scolding Shadow for his rash decisions and harsh attitude, yet Sonic may harbor a hatred towards Mecha Sonic for killing his friends and all of Mobius, increasing as a result of hurting the people (obviously Yoshi) of the Mushroom World. The names of Professor E. Gadd's inventions often confuse him thoroughly. He often teams up with Luigi during battles (Mario in Episode 7 & 8). Sonic has appeared in every episode since Episode 2 so far.

So far his only Power-Ups are Super Sonic and Fire Sonic. Sonic's sprites are from the Sonic Advance series and Sonic Battle sprites.

So far, it seems that Sonic has used only one critical hit; the rest of his moves consist of small combos. On a few occasions, it is shown that he knows the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Hurricane Kick). One special move that he also uses is Light Speed Attack, as seen in Episode 7.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

SMBZ Shadow

Original Game: Sonic Adventure 2

Voice Clips by: David Humphrey, Jason Griffith and Christopher Sabat

Shadow is a black anthropomorphic hedgehog who traveled with Sonic to the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Mecha Sonic from destroying the world. He often acts rashly without consulting the others, and his anger seems to always get the best of him. His attacks are extremely strong, and he often takes charge in battle. Shadow spares no strength as he takes on his enemies. He is one of the most powerful characters and is the most aggressive character next to Mecha Sonic. He also seems to dislike the notion of working with the people of the Mushroom Kingdom, much rather wanting to finish Mecha Sonic himself. Shadow has appeared in every episode since Episode 2, (And appeared in the beginning of what was to be Episode 9 ). The main reason Shadow wants destroy Mecha Sonic is because Mecha Sonic had killed Shadow's friends E-123 Omega and Rouge The Bat . In the beginning of Episode 8 he (temporarily) left the team, not wanting to work with the Mario Bros., Yoshi, and Sonic anymore (Although it's implied that he was going to mull things over). Shadow's sprites are from Sonic Battle.


SMBZ Bowser

Original Game: Super Mario Bros.

Voice Clips By: Scott Burns (Episode 1 2 7) Kenny James (Episode 8 9 10)

Mario's lifelong arch-nemesis and descendant to Koopa King Bauzire. Ever since his childhood, his goal has been to kidnap Princess Peach and take control of the Mushroom Kingdom. In the first and second episode, he attacked Mario while he was racing, planning to end Mario's game and kidnap the princess. Mario manged to beat him after a long battle. He returns in Episode 7 with (presumably) Dr. Eggman and his Koopalings , and Kammy and Kamek . Dr. Eggman has designed a Mecha Mario (presumed name) and a warship. He attacked in Episode 8, according to Episode 7, he already kidnapped her. Bowser has appeared in Episodes 1, 2, 4 (in a flashback), 7, and 8, and is expected to appear in episodes 9 and 10, and is also expected to appear in later future installments.

His sprites were changed from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, (Episodes 1-2), to the Super Princess Peach sprites, (Episodes 7-onward)

In the Super Mario Bros. Z reboot, Bowser's sprites were shown to have been changed to their Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story sprites.

Dr. EggmanEdit


Original Game: Sonic the Hedgehog

Voice Clips By: Mike Pollock

Sonic's lifelong arch-nemesis.


SMBZ Kamek

Original Game: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Kamek is Bowser's evil henchman who raised Bowser as a baby. He helped Bowser in the second episode by giving him a Metal Mushroom. He was blasted away at the end of Episode 2. He reappears in Episode 7. Kamek has appeared in Episodes 1, 2, 7, and 8, and was going to be in Episode 9.

His sprites were changed from original Magikoopa Sprites, from the Shy Guy Kingdom, (Episodes 1-2), to Yoshi's Island DS sprites, (Episodes 7-onward).


SMBZ Kammy

Original Game: Paper Mario

Kammy is Bowser's evil henchwoman who aided him in the original Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year-Door. She debuts talking to Bowser in Episode 7. Kammy has appeared in Episode 7 and Episode 8, and was going to be in Ep.9.

Kammy's sprites are from Paper Mario.

The KoopalingsEdit

SMBZ Koopalings

Original Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Ludwig Von, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy O., Morton Jr., Larry)
Original Game: Super Mario Sunshine (Bowser Jr.)

Voice Clips By: Caety Sagatan (Bowser Jr.)

Bowser's eight children from an unknown mother. They are strong and powerful young Koopas that love spending their time tricking Mario and work for their father. They have kidnapped Princess Peach countless times even when Bowser Jr. came along, but he was the one who kidnapped the princess mostly since then. However, the eight of them are known to get along well. But their relationship is mostly unknown. They have only appeared in Episode 7 and Episode 8, preparing for a confrontation in the upcoming three-episode Omega Doomship Arc. Alvin has confirmed a battle with the Koopalings to begin in Episode 9, but he needed Koopaling voice clips from the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Thanks to a friend, he has them for Episode 9.

Their sprites are from Super Princess Peach, and Bowser Jr. has Baby Bowser's sprites from Mario and Luigi Partners In Time.

In the reboot of Super Mario Bros.Z,all the Koopaling's sprites (including Bowser Jr.) will be from custom made Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story styled sprites.


SMBZ Basilisx 2

Fan-made character

Voice Clips By: Damien Clark (Imperfect Cell)

Basilisx is a henchman of Bowser's and the leader of the large army of Koopatrols. He has retractable Wolverine like claws and can freeze people into stone by staring at them. He has appeared in Episode 8, and is been confirmed to appear in Episode 9.

He states that Mario killed his best friend, stationed in Bowser's Dinosaur Land castle, by pushing him into lava. However this isn't possible as the room that Basilisx mentions, Room 2, has spikes instead of lava, and the way Basilisx describes the fatality doesn't match up with how Mario could kill any of the Koopa Troopas in that room, even if there had been lava in there.

Although Alvin said that Basilisx's friend really doesn't exist and the claim is just to confuse Mario, the Koopa Troopa in question, the third one Mario encountered in that room, does in fact exist. This leads to speculation that Basilisx selected a random Koopa Troopa that Mario did encounter and made up a particularly nasty death to suit his plan to confuse and demoralize Mario.

Alvin has confirmed another battle against Basilisx in Episode 9. So far, he appeared in Episodes 8, and 9, and is confirmed to appear in Episode 10 , so it's unknown if he will appear in future episodes.

Basilisx's sprites are edited and custom made Koopatrol sprites.

Basilisx won't appear in the 1st saga of the reboot series, where Alvin stated that he had been shoehorned into the plot, though he may appear later into the reboot.

Mecha MarioEdit

Fan-made character
SMBZ Mecha Mario

Mecha Mario is a new creation of Dr. Eggman (unconfirmed) designed to be like Mario and to destroy him. He has not been put into action and has only been seen in Episode 7. Mecha Mario first appeared as fully completed and functional in Bowser's Castle. Between Episode 7 and 8, he was taken aboard the Omega Doomship to be a powerful secret weapon of Bowser and Eggman, to fight Mario if he appears to save Princess Peach. During the time Sonic's appearance surprised Dr. Eggman, so he went upstairs to watch over Mecha Mario. However, it is unknown if Eggman will turn him on and sent him after Mario in Episode 9 or Episode 10.

His sprites are custom made.

SMBZ Mecha Sonic

Mecha SonicEdit

Original Game: Sonic CD (as Metal Sonic), Sonic & Knuckles (as Mecha Sonic)

Voice Clips By: Andrew Chandler (Cooler)

The main antagonist of the First Saga . Metal Sonic was a robot created by Dr. Eggman who fought Sonic on many occasions, but lost each and every time. Because of his persistence and will to defeat Sonic, Metal Sonic wanted to become even stronger. This led to him absorbing Eggman's other Sonic robot prototypes, transforming him into Turbo Mecha Sonic, a powerful killing machine. He killed Eggman (presumably), before crashing the Death Egg into Mobius . Even in his new transformed state, Mecha Sonic knew he wasn't invincible, so he set off to find the Chaos Emeralds, killing Sonic's friends in the process (although it's later revealed in Episode 8 that he also slaughtered Shadow's friends; Omega and Rouge, thus resulting in Shadow becoming uncharacteristically callous, enraged, and hateful). When Shadow warped the Chaos Emeralds to Mario's dimension, Mecha Sonic sets off after them. In Episode 6, he obtains the Koopa Bros. and Axem Rangers X's Emeralds, transforming into his Semi-Super Form, but loses all Four Emeralds to the Heroes near the end of the episode. Later, in Episode 7, he reappears and after a short brawl follows them into the Minus World, where he almost kills Mario and Sonic and realizes Chaos Control is impossible there. After several more battles, Mecha Sonic escapes just after the rest of the crew, and almost kills them but Shadow uses Chaos Control and teleports the gang to safety. Mecha Sonic has appeared so far in Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 (in a flashback), 5, 6, 7 and 9. The 5 known robot Sonics that were in the series were: Silver Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog 2), Mecha Sonic (Sonic & Knuckles), a Mecha Sonic sprite based on one of the Archie Mecha Sonics, and a sprite based on an unknown Mecha Sonic model in Sonic Adventure. The only episode so far where he is completly absent is 8.

Mecha Sonic has sprites from Sonic and Knuckles, and some custom made.

In the reboot of the series, Alvin has shown that Turbo Mecha Sonic has been aesthetically replaced by Metallix which his final form in the original series which (a.k.a. Master Mecha Sonic). Subsequently, this lead to Metallix gaining a new final form to make up the difference, but Alvin will not show the design off to anyone until it has made a proper appearance within the show; this was to avoid a repeat of Axem Blue's design being stolen from him.

It is shown he has the ability to do the Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon).



Original Game: Super Mario Bros. 2

Wart is an evil frog king that always spends his time conquering the world of Subcon and enslaving the inhabitants of this world. This antagonist and his troops known as the 8-Bits have attacked the whole world and has sent his strong leaders/commanders of each troop in each of the lands, turning the dream world of Subcon into a nightmare world. Years ago, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad had defeated him and saved the world, the inhabitants, and the Subcon fairies as the guardian of the dream world. In Super Mario Bros. Z, he was first seen in the Intro along with his Ninji allies. However, he may spit multiple bubbles, but Wart is known to be more powerful and has more strong abilities. Yet, he is not seen in any episodes, but is planned to appear in the Mecha Sonic Saga, and will appear in Episodes 11, 12, and possibly 13.

Wart's sprites are custom from the Spriter's Resource.

In the reboot intro of the series, Alvin confirmed that King K.Rool will replace Wart in the series.

Wart's Ninji AlliesEdit

Wart's Ninji Allies are his new Ninji warriors, confirmed to help Wart conqeur Subcon or the Mushroom Kingdom in SMBZ. They havn't appeared in any episodes yet, but they have been shown in the intro. They have custom sprites.

As an effect of the reboot removing Wart from continuity, the Ninjis are most likely not appearing in the reboot as well.

The Koopa Bros. Edit

SMBZ Koopa Bros.

Original Game: Paper Mario (They had appeared in an official Mario Comic beforehand, however)

The Koopa Bros. made their entrance in Episode 4 by stealing E. Gadd's Radar and the Emerald. They were hunted down by the heroes, and caught in the plains. They battle valiantly, but are handled thoroughly. They rely on their special "Stack" attack, (the same one in Paper Mario). Their attack is stronger than the one in Paper Mario, and with an unexpected boost from the Chaos Emerald they held, they defeated the heroes, also taking the Emerald Radar. They came to Yoshi's Island late, because of Yellow using the radar upside down. They took the Purple Emerald, but it was then taken by Axem Red. They want to collect the Emeralds so that they can "call the shots." However, all of them were stranded on Yoshi's Island when Mecha Sonic's Energy Ball destroyed it. They are presumed dead. They appeared in Episodes 4, 5, and 6, but are mentioned in Episode 7.

The Koopa Bros.'s sprites are from Paper Mario.

A famous scene is when they first appear and play the wrong theme tune (once again because of Yellow's stupidity), the wrong theme tune was the Spirit Sqaud Theme from WWE. As you can see they stack on top of each other to perform their special move. There are four of them; Red (the leader), Green, Yellow, and Black.

The Axem Rangers X Edit

SMBZ Axem Rangers X
SMBZ Axem Blue

Original Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (as the Axem Rangers)

Rebuilt by Smithy , they seek out a power source for their damaged master. After the Yoshi Tribe found the Purple Chaos Emerald the Axem Rangers X stole the Emerald and enslaved the Yoshis to search for more, unaware there were no more on the island. They are destroyed by Semi-Super Mecha Sonic in a quick battle. They appeared in Episodes 5 and 6, and are mentioned in the summary of Episode 7. But they were confirmed to reappear in the Smithy Saga. The Axem Rangers X also have a huge battleship, The Blade, (first appearing in Episode 5) used for traveling, but it/he was destroyed by Mecha Sonic in Episode 6.

There are 5 members: Red, Black, Green, Yellow and Pink. A possible sixth member may appear during the Smithy Saga, Axem Blue.

  • NOTE: Alvin hasn't confrimed whether he will be using the custom-made Axem Blue sprites by Nightmare Bros. (see the sprite to the right), or whether he will make custom sprites of the new member.

It should be noted that their sprites are modified from the original ones seen in Super Mario RPG. Although they have the same heads from Super Mario RPG, their bodies are from Mega Man games, such as Red, Black, and Green having Zero's body from the Mega Man Zero series, Yellow having Guts Man's body, and Pink having Roll's body (both from the Mega Man Battle Network series). The Original Axem Rangers's full body's appear in Episode 5, in Mario's mind, remembering the Axem Rangers, (now the Axem Rangers X), from their last ecounter, in Super Mario RPG.


SMBZ Lord Smithy
Original Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Smithy is the main antagonist in Super Mario RPG. Smithy created the Axem Rangers, but after the destruction of his body, he somehow surived and rebuilt the Axem Rangers, turning them into the Axem Rangers X. Smithy sent the Axem Rangers X to Yoshi's Island in order to find more gemstones (Chaos Emeralds) for him. Smithy hasn't appeard yet but is mentioned in Episodes 5 and 6 by Axem Red. Although Smithy is confirmed to appear in Season 2 (The Smithy Saga) and will be the Season's antagonist.

It's unknown what sprites he gets.


SMBZ Chaos
Original Game: Sonic Adventure

Chaos is a liquid/water like villain from the Sonic Series. First appearing in Sonic Adventure he is a villain in the game and tries to destroy Sonic, but in the end he becomes good and no longer is a villain. Although in Super Mario Bros. Z, confirmed by Alvin, he will be the main villain in the SMBZ Movie.

His sprites are from Sonic Battle.

Wario and Waluigi Edit


Original Game: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Wario),

Original Game: Mario Tennis (Waluigi)

Voice Clips By: Charles Martinet

Better known as the Wario Brothers, (despite being unknown if their friends or brothers), they are the Mario Brothers' rivals. They raced Mario and Luigi in the first episode, but ran into Bob-ombs and the Banana Bomb and were blown away from the explosion and weren't seen for a bit until Episode 3, when they overheard about the Chaos Emeralds and wanted to hunt them down to make money selling them. They reappeared on Yoshi's Island in Episode 6, where they acquired the Radar Radar after Mario drops it accidentally. After a deflected Fireball to Wario's head, both of them run off the island and are washed away from it by the waves. The brothers use the Radar Radar and follow the Gang to the Pipe Land, but aren't able to follow them underground. Wario tries to swing Waluigi into the Sky Pop Mark 2 later on, but Waluigi abruptly stops and falls a long way to the ground. Wario & Waluigi have appeared in Episodes 1, 3, 6, 7, and 8, so far. In Episode 7 it was confirmed Yoshi knows they are following them (or at least Wario) as Yoshi put on a fake Petey Pirahna outfit to scare Wario as revenge for Wario doing the same to Luigi. Wario and Waluigi are more like anti-heroes more than villians. Although they appeard, they havn't made a huge role in the Mecha Sonic Saga, but Alvin Earthworm said that they will probaly make a new large role in the Smithy Saga.

Wario's sprites are changed from the Shy Guy Kingdom sprites to his MLSS Style. Waluigi has MLSS Style sprites too.

Professor E. GaddEdit


Original Game: Luigi's Mansion

Voice Clips By: Kazumi Totaka

A great scientist who invents gadgets to help the four Heroes on their journey, he created the Emerald Radar for the heroes, using the Yellow Emerald as a base. Unfortunately, both the Emerald and the Radar were stolen, but E. Gadd luckily had made a Radar Radar to locate the Emerald Radar. When asked why he didn't just make a second Emerald Radar, E. Gadd seemed to just realize that creating a duplicate would've been easier, referring to his quirky nature. He also went to Yoshi's Island with the Heroes, but went back to his lab, after Mecha Sonic destoyed Yoshi's Island. And he helped the gang in the Pipe Maze , and created the Sky Pop Mark 2 for the Heroes. Professor E. Gadd has appeared in every episode since Episode 4 so far.

E. Gadd's sprites are his MLSS sprites to his Mario and Luigi Partners In Time sprites.

Princess PeachEdit

SMBZ Peach

Original Game: Super Mario Bros.

Voice Clips By: Jen Taylor, Nicole Mills and Samantha Kelly

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom . She is a good friend of Mario , Yoshi and Luigi. She has always been kidnapped by Bowser, the Koopalings or Bowser Jr. and is saved by Mario in countless times. She was first seen in Episode 1, where she hosted the race. She was held hostage by Kamek. So far, Peach has only served as a backup character, taking care of the Heroes when they are defeated or heavily injured or unconscious. In Episode 5, when the four Heroes began to travel to Yoshi's Island, Peach gave Luigi a 1- Up Mushroom for help, but Yoshi (injured) left Peach to go join the Heroes, and she returns back to her Castle. She has been seen in 7 of the 8 Episodes so far (being in a flashback in Episode 6) and it's very probable she will become more active and useful as the series develops. Princess Peach has appeared in Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (in a flashback), and 8 (she is kidnapped by Bowser, waiting for Mario to save her, and also expects Yoshi, Luigi, Sonic and Shadow to help as well).

Princess Peach's sprites are from MLSS To M&L Bowser's Inside Story.

Yoshi ChiefEdit

SMBZ Chief Yoshi

Original Game: Paper Mario (Character backstory based on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)

(Named Village Leader in Paper Mario) Chief of the Yoshi Tribe and the original Yoshi who helped Mario (as a baby) to save his brother Luigi (which took place in the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island). He found the Purple Chaos Emerald before it was stolen by the Axem Rangers X (who disguised as Yoshi's). Chief Yoshi has appeared in Episodes 5 and 6 . The character in that game, while not outright said, was also implied to have involvement in bringing up the Mario Bros. back home as a baby as it was mentioned that he was the only one of the Yoshis on the Island to have ever encountered Raphael the Raven, and even then only once. He is based on Grand Elder Guru from Dragon Ball Z.

His actual sprite in his present day appearance was based off of the Yoshi Chief's sprite in Paper Mario.


Fan-made character

Thunderfoot, a giant purple Yoshi, is the body guard of Chief Yoshi. He is by far the strongest of the Yoshi Clan and fights with a big spear and impressive ground pounds. He led the small battle against Mario and his friends when they landed on Yoshi's Island because they accidentally activated a trap that the Yoshi Tribe set up that was intended for the Axem Rangers X . Thunderfoot was the elite Yoshi. He has appeared in Episodes 5 and 6, so far.

His sprites are Yoshi's original sprites recolored. He is based on Nail from Dragon Ball Z.

Professor KoloradoEdit

SMBZ Kolorado
Original Game: Paper Mario

Kolorado is an explorer who travels around the Mushroom World who debuted in Paper Mario. He got lost in the Minus World but his great-grandfather's stopwatch saved him, Goombella, Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Yoshi, Shadow, and even Mecha Sonic. After the destruction of the Pipe Maze , Kolorado and Goombella setted out to Shy Guy Desert, coming to explore some places as he wishes to go to the world of Subcon. Kolorado first appeared in Episode 7, and may appear during the Subcon Arc., and could appear in the next two sagas.

His sprites are from Paper Mario.


Original Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Goombella is a female goomba archeologist that appears in Super Mario Bros. Z Episode 7. She was trapped in the Minus World with Professor Kolorado, but managed to escape with him and the heroes. Though she remembered Mario who has traveled with her, she did not mention Yoshi who also adventured with them (although this may be explained by the fact that the Yoshi in question was a completely different Yoshi from the one she traveled with). It is currently unknown if she and Kolorado will make another appearance.

Her sprites are custom made.

Princess Rosalina Edit

SMBZ Rosalina by tebited15
Original Game: Super Mario Galaxy

Princess Rosalina is the princess of the cosmos, watching over Luma's, mysterious star creatures. Rosalina hasn't made an appearance yet, but may debut in Season 3.

Geno and MallowEdit

SMBZ Mallow and Geno
Original Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Geno and Mallow are hero characters in the Mario Series, first appearing in Super Mario RPG. They are friends of Mario and team up with Mario to stop Smithy and his army. in Super Mario RPG. Geno and Mallow are expected to appear in the Smithy Saga.

Alvin would have used these sprites of the duo.

Star Spirits and TwinkEdit

SMBZ Star Spirits and Twinks

Original Game: Paper Mario

The Seven Star Spirits and Twink are magical stars from the game, Paper Mario. By Alvin, they are confirmed to appear in the Mecha Sonic Saga, transforming (at least the Seven Star Spirits) Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Sonic, and Shadow into their super-forms to combat Metallix. They are confirmed to appear in the next two sagas.

Their sprites are still based off of their appearance in Paper Mario as seen by the reboot's intro.


Original Game: Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time

Stuffwell is a talking suitcase invented by Professor E. Gadd. He was programmed to assist Mario, Luigi, and their baby selves who teamed up to save the past of the Mushroom Kingdom from a Shroob invasion. His habit is saying "BACK TO ADVENTURE!!!". He appeared in Episode 7 when he was once again a companion of the Mario Bros and the others. He also appeared in Episode 8 when he went with the heroes, except Shadow, who was going to get his revenge on Mecha Sonic, to the Omega Doomship . While the battle in the Omega Doomship, he was left behind on the Sky Pop Mark II, without knowing what happended to Mario and the gang. He has appeard in Episodes 7, 8, and will appear in Episode 9 and 10, and is expected to appear in later episodes.

Stuffwell's sprites are from M&L PIT.

Professor FranklyEdit

Original Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Professor Frankley is an elderly Goomba who resides in Rougeport studying the history of the Mushroom Kingdom. Stuffwell sent a transmission to him in hopes of explaining the mysterious pipe that Mario, Sonic, and Mecha Sonic jumped into, (which lead to the Minus World). Frankley explained the whole story and the history of the Minus World and how Queen Pesca 7 ruled the underground passages, and how prisoners and innocents were sent into the Minus World. His hologram escaped from Mecha Sonic along with the rest of the Heroes, back to Mario's house. He has so far appeard only in Episode 7.

His sprites are from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year-Door.

The Master, Chan, and Lee Edit

SMBZ The Master

Original Game: Paper Mario

The Master, Chan, and Lee are some supporting characters from Paper Mario. They have been confirmed to appear sometime during SMBZ.

Their sprites woud of been from Paper Mario


Original Game: Super Mario Sunshine

Voice Clips by: Charles Martinet

Toadsworth is an elderly Toad and Princess Peach's Royal Advisor. He often worries for the Princess' safety, and usually is the one that informs Mario if Peach has been kidnapped. It was shown that he had fainted after he told Mario, Peach was kidnapped in the end of Episode 7, and Shadow's anger caused him to faint in Episode 8.

Toadsworth's sprites are changed from custom sprites to M&L BIS sprites.

DBZ Similar ScenesEdit

Episode 1Edit

  • Mecha Sonic kills a Goomba for the blue Chaos Emerald and has shown that he'll eliminate anyone who gets in his way of collecting the emeralds. This is a parallel to how Cell tirelessly sought out Android 17 and 18 to achieve perfection (becoming Perfect Cell), stomping through anyone who opposed him.
    • The encounter between Mecha Sonic and the Goomba specifically also mirrored the encounter between Raditz and the Farmer. Coincidentally, both instances occurred in the first episodes of their respective series.
  • Bowser and Kamek returned to defeat Mario similar to DBZ where Frieza and his father King Cold came to Earth to kill Goku.

Episode 2Edit

  • Mario as Fire Mario charges a fireball like a way of Goku charging a Kamehameha, Mario does this when Fire Mario in later episodes.
  • Sonic and Shadow arrive in time to stop Bowser from killing Mario and removing his metal form, and they immediately send Kamek packing. This is similar to how Future Trunks came to the past to destroy Frieza and King Cold effortlessly.

Episode 3Edit

  • The Mario Bros. decide to help Sonic and Shadow find the Chaos Emeralds like in DBZ when Goku and his friends decide to help Trunks to destroy Androids 17 and 18 in the future.
  • Yoshi ecounters Mecha Sonic for the first time and trysto fight similar to when Piccolo meets Cell in his Imperfect Form.
  • Shadow shows his harsh actions, similar to Vegeta, in DBZ.

Episode 4Edit

  • For all intents and purposes, Sonic's recounting of Mobius's fate mirrors that of Future Trunk's recounting of the future. Both worlds were relatively peaceful and defended regularly by heroes until everything changed one fateful day (Metal Sonic fusing with older robot models to become Turbo Mecha Sonic for SMBZ and Dr. Gero activating Androids 17 and 18 for DBZ). Turbo Mecha Sonic and the Androids proceed to kill the heroes and other denizens of their world for kicks (and for the Chaos Emeralds in TMS's case), destroying much of the world in the process. Future Trunks with help from his mother and Sonic with Shadow's help made a last ditch effort to stop the villains from causing any more havoc (time-travelling for Trunks and trans-universal travel via Chaos Control for Sonic and Shadow). These events preceed the the nick-of-time saves.
  • Sonic says that Mecha Sonic needs all seven Emeralds to become Metallix, like how Cell needs to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to become perfect.
  • The Koopa Bros. arrive to steal the heroes' Chaos Emerald and are major villains but unintentionally and directly interfere with Turbo Mecha Sonic's goal of becoming Metallix, just like how the Androids directly evaded (16 and 18) and fought against (16 and 17) Cell who needed 17 and 18 to be perfect.

Episode 5Edit

  • The Axem Rangers X ring an awful lot of bells to Frieza and his army when they invaded Namek. The Axem Rangers X enslaving the Yoshi tribe to dig up more Chaos Emeralds harkens back to how Frieza and his men intimidated or killed the vast Namekian tribes to gain their Dragon Balls.
  • The Axem Rangers X really mimic the Ginyu force considering they are both a powerful team of 5 and being called when the heroes interfere.
  • The heroes, Koopa Bros., and Axem Rangers X engage in battle with each other while Mecha Sonic tracked them down for the emeralds, similar to how Piccolo fought off the androids (17 specifically) while Cell found the two thanks to Piccolo's ki being detected. The two antagonists' mere presences ground the current battle to a screeching halt before the rest of the fighters turned on them, resulting in major deaths at the hands of the villains (Android 17 for DBZ and everyone but the heroes in SMBZ).

Episode 6Edit

  • Mecha Sonic's first appearance in the episode has him using the rush portion of the Fatal Combination technique used by Cooler in Cooler's Revenge, the fifth DBZ movie. Coincidentially, Mecha Sonic's new voice clips are mostly composed of those used by Cooler's final form.
  • The name of the episode and much of the premise was based on the DBZ episode "Duel on a Vanishing Planet."
  • Mecha Sonic's reply to Red's accusing him of being a monster was derived from one of Broly's statements in the eighth DBZ movie: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • The manner in which Mecha Sonic finished off Red was a combination of how Akuma defeated M. Bison and how Vegeta executed Nappa (Shun Goku Satsu and Galaxy Breaker, respectively). During the battle against the heroes, Mecha Sonic also utilized an ability similar to the Human Genocide attack practiced by Buu.
  • Mecha Sonic attempted to use the Death Ball (or more accurately, Supernova) to destroy Yoshi's Island, just as Frieza did with Namek.

Episode 7Edit

  • The overall exchange between Sonic and Mecha Sonic when the latter is unable to use Chaos Control in the Minus World to escape mirrored when Super Buu and Gotenks were trapped in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, the only difference being that Mecha Sonic preferred solitude than dealing with Sonic and Mario, while Super Buu threw a tantrum at the possibility of not having sweets again.

Episode 8 Edit

  • The attack on the Omega Doomship sounds a little like the fight against Androids 19 and 20. The heroes do relatively well until something goes awry (Goku catches his heart virus and Basilisx appears). A team member is absent or incapacitated for the losing battle (Goku being incapacitated for DBZ, Sonic, Yoshi, and Luigi are incapacitated in SMBZ, and Shadow is absent in SMBZ).


Leaked InfoEdit

These facts had been leaked by Alvin himself in the forums. (Citation needed)

  • Mecha Sonic will collect all of the Chaos Emeralds and enter his own super form, Metallix.
  • Mecha Sonic will host a fighting tournament, just like Cell after he went perfect.
  • The Master from Paper Mario will appear, along with his students, Chan and Lee. They would play a role similar to Hercule from Dragon Ball Z.
  • After the death of Mecha Sonic, Sonic and Shadow will stay and live in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Mr. L (Luigi's alter ego from Super Paper Mario) will appear and play a role similar to the Great Saiyaman (Gohan's alter ego) from Dragon Ball Z.
  • There will be a movie between Sagas 1 and 2. Chaos is announced to be the villain.
  • Smithy will be the main villain of Saga 2, aptly named the Smithy Saga, and the Axem Rangers X are slated to return, with a sixth member, Axem Blue, a new ranger created from Mecha Sonic's parts.[1]
  • Mallow and Geno will appear at some point in the series.
  • Princess Rosalina will play a role in Saga 3.
  • It is unknown if Yoshi will stick by Mario on Saga 2 & 3.
  • It is unknown if the Smithy Gang and major Super Mario RPG characters will appear in the Smithy Saga.
  • There would be a movie between Sagas 2 and 3.
  • There would be a final movie after Saga 3.

Leaked Episodes Edit

All of the SMBZ episode titles of Season 1 have been confirmed by Alvin himself on his Deviantart page. Turns out there would be 18 Episodes in Season 1. They are as follows:

  • EP 1: Bowser's Return
  • EP 2: Warriors from Another Dimension
  • EP 3: The New Threat
  • EP 4: Here Comes the Koopa Bros
  • EP 5: Troubles on Yoshi's Island
  • EP 6: Brawl on a Vanishing Island
  • EP 7: Secret of the Pipe Maze
  • EP 8: The Great Doomship Offensive
  • EP 9: The Two Shell Treaty
  • EP 10: Mario Clash
  • EP 11: The Ninja Ninjis
  • EP 12: Siege of Subcon
  • EP 13: Metallix is Born
  • EP 14: Darkness Within
  • EP 15: The Pit of 100 Trials
  • EP 16: The Tournament Begins
  • EP 17: True Power Unleashed
  • EP 18: I Am Chaos!!!

The Seven Chaos Emeralds and their OwnersEdit

Main Article: Chaos Emeralds
  • Blue: Mecha Sonic, Goomba, Mecha Sonic, The Heroes
  • Red: Mecha Sonic, Yoshi, Mecha Sonic, The Heroes
  • Yellow: Mecha Sonic, E. Gadd, Koopa Bros., Mecha Sonic, The Heroes
  • Purple: Mecha Sonic, Yoshi Chief, Koopa Bros., Axem Rangers X, Mecha Sonic, The Heroes
  • Cyan: Mecha Sonic, Unknown
  • Silver: Mecha Sonic, Kolorado and Goombella, Sonic and Mario, Mecha Sonic, Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Sonic, Mecha Sonic, The Heroes
  • Green: Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Unknown



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