This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

The Shoryu Reppa is a move from the Street Fighter series. It was invented by Ken Masters. The user starts with a Shoryuken (Dragon Fist) which escalates into another, higher one that is one fire and does multiple damage. Due to the flaming capabilities of the Shoryu Reppa (and the Shinryuken, or Divine Dragon Fist), Ken is the only one who can use it. Mario used this in Episode 8 on an armored Koopa Troopa.

Mario performing the Shoryu Reppa

Difference between the Shoryu Reppa and the ShinryukenEdit

The differences between the Shoryu Reppa and Shinryuken are:

  1. During the final flaming Shoryuken, the user spins, making an upward "cyclone". In the Shoryu Reppa, the final Shoryuken is weaker and does not make an upward "cyclone".
  2. In both Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV, the Shinryuken starts with a Shoryuken (without flames), and after the main hit, Ken starts rapidly kicking the opponent. Then he does his trademark flaming Shoryuken with an added spin, making it have multiple hits. The Shoryu Reppa is merely two uppercuts, with the first being short and not flaming, and the second flaming and higher than the first.
  3. The Shinryuken is an Ultra Combo in SFIV/SSFIV. The Shoryu Reppa is a Super Combo/Art.
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