Hammer Bros. SuitEdit

A Hammer Bros. Suit is an item used in Super Mario Bros. Z by Mario (so far), which gives the obtainer the ability to don a black catsuit and throw Hammers. It first appeared in Episode 8 for Mario to fight Basilisx. Mario lost this suit at the end of this battle.

Origin Edit

The Hammer Bros. Suit first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. (most notably in Ice Land) Mario or Luigi could throw unlimited amounts of Hammers and be invulnerable to a piranha plants fire breath, but in Super Mario Bros. Z, it's different. The player could duck, revealing that the suit

Hammer Bro Mario fighting Basilisx

had a shell on the back of it, making the player invulnerable (the shell was like a Buzzy Beetles shell).

In Super Mario Bros. ZEdit

As explained up above, the Hammer combat style is different in Super Mario Bros. Z. Mario would gain only 2 Hammers to battle with Basilisx, using them to attack like how Basilisx used his wolverine-like claws. However, nothing else changed from that point.