This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

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Goombella's first appearance was in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door . She assisted Mario in said adventure with a vast amount of knowledge and has developed some sort of crush on Mario. In Super Mario Bros. Z , she was asked by Professor Frankly to assist Kolorado in the exhibition to the Minus World where she was trapped for three months. Currently she is off with Kolorado to the Shy Guy Desert to search for the fabled Subcon.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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Personality Edit

Goombella Is shown to be extremely Intelligent and Sassy and has some kind of Crush on Mario This is especially shown in Secret of the Pipe Maze where She Straightforwardly kissed Mario in front of The Entire gang without a Care in The World, She is also The "Protective" Type such as Saying "He better not mess with Mario or he'll have to Tango with me!" And after Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog took a Beating she attacked Mecha Sonic with a Headbonk, She also hates The Feeling of "Total Helplessness"

Abilities Edit

  • Headbonk: This attack is fairly Straightforward: Her bonking an enemy with her head at High Speed although it will work on Regular Enemies it won't work on Stronger Opponents such as Mecha Sonic
  • Tattle: This move isn't a Attack but rather a Support Move, When used Goombella pulls out a Green book which Calculates her Opponent's Power Level which is made up of HP (Health Points), Attack, And Defense reliably knowing how tough her opponent is.


  • Goombella didn't appear in the intro, but Kolorado did, and also Professor Frankly didn't appear
  • Goombella will appear alongside Kolorado in the remake, although without Kolorado's stopwatch.[1]