This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

Fire sonic

Artwork of Fire Sonic by Alvin-Earthworm

Fire Sonic
is one of Sonic's Alternate Forms, first introduced in Episode 8. Using a Fire Flower will be able to make him transform, like Mario.


Sonic's personality is still the same in this form, just like in his regular form. He is still laid back, but in his form he is a bit more confident in his abilities to deal massive damage to his foes and help his
Fire Sonic

Fire Sonic



Fire Sonic has all of his primary abilities, even when transforming. His strength is greatly increased, being almost as powerful as Mecha Sonic (although this is unconfirmed) and possibly Shadow. He gains the ability to easily move almost as fast as teleporting to catch up to enemies for multiple punching and kicking combos. His speed is greatly enhanced, being able to accelerate at higher speeds than what he could orginally do. His body becomes enveloped in flames when he does speed up, making him able to ram and knock out anything in his way. His Hurricane Kick ability is powered up, even allowing him to finish off with a stronger kick. Fire Sonic can shoot out fireballs, like Mario, at even greater speeds and more power, taking out a lot more enemies much faster. When he focuses his energy and flip-kicks, a flame shoots out, more powerful than regular fireballs. He can also use a powerful move that starts off with him running around his enemies, creating a ring of fire, stopping after it's created, and
Fire sonic fire skill

One of Sonic's abilities in this form is to run in a giant circle and create a pillar of fire.

finishing it off with a cyclone of flames, making that possibly his most powerful attack in his transformation.


  • The original origin of Fire Sonic could've come from 2 different things: The first was from a pirated game called "Sonic Jam 6." It was mainly a spoof of Nintendo's Super Mario game, but with Sonic. Sonic would start off with red fur and a dark peach skin. His shoes were yellow with white straps going across. If Sonic collects a Mushroom, he would turn into his normal color. The second possibility would be from the Sonic Archie comics. Sonic was using Nate Morgans Super Emerald to change time to its normal spot. While he was running through the desert, he made a transformation from interacting with the climates of temperature change. He became Solar Sonic* for a brief period of time.
  • Fire Mario is able to charge up his fireballs and shoot out more powerful shots at his enemies. It is unconfirmed whether Fire Sonic is able to do this ability, too.
  • In Episode 8, when Fire Sonic is running (in first person view) into Koopatrols, he is encloaked in a crimson-like aura, similar to the Kaio-ken technique that Goku is able to use after training with King Kai.

*Fire Sonic was originally known as Solar Sonic before this new power for Sonic was introduced.

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