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Basilisx (also known as Captain Basilisx) is a custom character made by Alvin-Earthworm. He is, as Bowser calls him, his greatest soldier. He has an uncanny ability to turn people into statue by staring at them. He has the ability to retract and extend three claws for each arm, similar to Wolverine from X-Men. He assisted in the assault against the Sky Pop. After his Koopatrool troops were crushed, Basilisx froze Luigi, Yoshi, and Sonic into statues. Then he attacked Mario to avenge a friend and has him pinned down on the ground, ready to beat Mario, when the episode ends.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Basilisx, other than he may be the result of a super soldier project conducted by Dr. Eggman (this may be a reference to the Weapon X program from the X-Men series). He is

Basilisx's Claws

much faster, stronger, and an overall better fighter than any of Bowser's soldiers, even able to defeat and poison Hammer Mario to kill him, which is suddenly foiled by Luigi as seen in Episode 9.

Personality Edit

Basilisx's raspy voicing and speech, the play on words "this demonic supersoldier" on Episode 8, his shadowlike appearance, and his vicious fighting suggests a demonic personality. However, he claims to have deep sadness regarding the fatal lava-scalding of his "besssst friend", Koopa #3 of Room 2 in Bowser's Castle in Dinosaur Land, referring to the third Koopa Troopa encountered in the second room of the "Front Door" level in Super Mario World. However, this may have been an untrue excuse to kill Mario because there are spikes, rather than lava, along the bottom of this area, among other inconsistencies with how that particular Koopa Troopa could have possibly died, if it was indeed Mario who had killed him.


  • Basilisx's name is a play on the mythological beast known as the Basilisk. His ability to petrify enemies by staring at them is also a reference to the Basilisk's abilities.
  • Basilisx holds many similarities to Wolverine of the X-Men series, such as being the result of a "super soldier" experiment, having 3 claws per hand that can be drawn out and retracted, and his ruthless nature.
  • The "super attack" that Basilisx uses on the poisoned Mario is very similar to Vega's ultra combo "Bloody High Claw" introduced in Street Fighter IV.
  • Basilisx's poses resemble the Koopa Bros..
  • Basilisx's voice clips were largely derived from Imperfect Cell's from the Dragon Ball Budokai games.
  • Alvin stated he does not wish to include Basilisx in the series reboot, due to being shoe-horned with no backstory or buildup.
    • He has considered using him later in the series, however.
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