This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.


Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog, and portrayed as one of Sonic (2006 Series)'s close friends. She considers herself Sonic's love interest and can get violent if she feels other girls are competing with her, though Sonic is generally not the romantic type and likes her mostly as a friend. Her attack style revolves mostly around using her Piko Piko Hammer to smash enemies. She's also notable for having an interest in tarot cards and possessing a strong bond with Cream.

The two first met during the events of Sonic CD, where Dr. Eggman used her as bait when Sonic attempted to disrupt his schemes on the Little Planet to acquire the Time Stones. Since then, she developed a strong interest in Sonic and follows him on several of his adventures, trying to help however she can.

She was only seen briefly in SMBZ, in a flashback showing Sonic's friends getting killed by Mecha Sonic. It was shown that she was most likely beaten to death.